Besides providing outsourcing services, UNIPHARMA develops its own R&D projects in colaboration with scientific and technological institutions and other pharmaceutical R&D companies. UNIPHARMA intends to be in the vanguard of scientific and technological knowledge, as well as to constantly develop new services. Currently, the main fields of interest are:

Modern cosmetic and dermatologic products development for effective skin delivery;

Skin permeation and penetration studies with artificial and natural membrane;

Non-invasive biophysical techniques for analysis of skin and hair structures in vivo;

Experimental design of formulations to optimize products performance;

Clinical and in vitro cosmetic product efficacy and safety tests to prove quality and efficiency;

Performing of product physicochemical stability tests to evaluate esthetic and functional characteristics of cosmetic products;

Evaluation of cosmetic products with sensory testing on the basis of human senses such as sight, smell and touch;

Providing consulting and management services to industry in the field of project design and project management.